Payment Made

After you have sent payment to one of our Crypto Currency Addressees:

    • Take a screen shot of your payment – Click Here for example screen shots needed.
    • Take a screen shot of your transaction ID (TXID) sometimes called Hash ID (Click Here for example of screen shots needed)  Click here for how to find TX / HASH ID
    • Paste or type the long transaction ID (TXID) into the (TXID) Box – The TXID is very important please ensure it is correct before submitting the form. 
    • Do not use free email accounts such as *hotmail* ,  icloud* * or *edu* *gov* sbsglobal,  or any disposable emails like it is unlikely you will ever receive your login details as they are unreliable email providers maybe sign up for a free secure email account.


  • Payment Made

    • Pick a unique username we will use this to create your account login, do not use a name that will make you easily identified (Doxxed)
    • If you already have a username enter it here if not you can ignore this entry. Or put not Applicable
    • Please note: Without this unique number we will not be able to action your purchase, ensure you have the correct Transaction number before submitting the form, we will not contact you if this number is wrong and it will delay your membership. (Google how to find a BTC or ETH transaction) number
    • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
    • :
      Choose your membership plan. (only select one)

Memberships are processed in order of Gold Silver & Bronze order We aim to process all memberships within 1-7 days  of crypto transactions confirming and subject to you having sent in a valid transaction number and screen shots, if you have not heard from us in that time our email may have ended up in your spam folder so check it, if it is not there after 7 days submit the payment form again, ensuring you entered the correct transaction number.

(If the form fails to submit please resize your screen shots smaller they maybe too large to attach or hit the contact us button at the top)